Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fixing an old computer!

My neighbor brought his computer to me about a month ago! First, I thought it was just the video card. So, I bought one through e-bay. Nop. Then I am on to CPU. I refuse to accept it may be the motherboard! This particular model doesn't have a model #. Only a serial #. Compaq/HP online support was so good. He was able to find out the details of the machine. From there I learned more and more about it.
I gathered it was 1.1 GHz celeron processor. So, I set out to work. I ordered, again on ebay, a CPU that looked similar. Least I knew, not all 1.1 GHZ celeron processors were the same. They looked the same (green top and all), but since I had not looked into the CPU before, I assumed all were alike.

The new CPU arrived last week. I finally removed the clip on the heat sink. This was interesting. I hit the mother board a few times with the screwdriver. I hope I didn't damage it. The clip was to be pushed down and twisted to pull it out the plastic tab holding it.

So, I set out to go Fry's electronics yesterday. I bought a few things:

1. Anti static arm band
2. Antistatic gloves
3. thermal grease remover, cleaner
4. thermal paste, anatec silver

This is becoming an expensive affair.

The following websites were really useful in finding out more about celeron cpu's in general and about removing/replacing cpu/heat sink or fan.

Celeron models: There are differences!!!

Removing and applying thermal paste:

And there is even names for these Pentium 3/Celeron sockets:
coppermine (PGA ) and Tualatin (PGA2)
There is even a socket to put the new chip in the old socket!!

This video was helpful too: